Part exchange your vehicle today

 If you already have a vehicle you may consider opting for a part exchange. A part exchange allows you to put the value of your old vehicle towards the cost of your new one and if you’re thinking of purchasing your next vehicle on finance, a part exchange could cover your deposit and even reduce your monthly payments.

Fair and honest valuations you can trust

Bring your car to us for an accurate valuation. We’ll value your car in a variety of ways, from a detailed analysis of the latest used car prices and market trends using CAP and Glasses guide valuation tools, to an expert physical inspection. We’ll look at your vehicle’s condition, service history, MOT, additional extras and desirability in fine detail before we give you a final valuation.

No obligation or transaction fees

 You’re under no obligation to part exchange your car once valued. If you do choose to go ahead, there’s no transaction fee either. It’s simple and stress free.

Time to decide

Our valuations are genuine and once they’re made, they’re valid for 7 days. So if you’re unsure about your part exchange, you’ve plenty of time to make up your mind.

 Don’t forget

If you’re planning on part exchanging your car remember to bring your V5 log book, MOT certificate, service history, spare keys and any additional items your car may have.

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